Pooles Island Bar Light*

Pooles Island Bar Light 2019 – Photo by Greg Krawczyk

Pooles Island Bar Light is located off the southern end of Pooles Island and east of Hart-Miller Island, Maryland.  Congress appropriated $24,000 in 1927 to construct a light off Pooles Island to replace the Pooles Island Flats gas buoy.

The light is a black skeleton tower attached to a black caisson structure. It is fitted with an automatic acetylene light 27-feet above water and CO2 fog signal. On November 28, 1927, associate engineer of the Baltimore Lighthouse District, C.H. Vinson left on the tender Maple with the fog signal and light to be erected on the caisson. “The 230-candle power light will flash every five seconds with flash one second in duration. The fog signal will be one stroke every 15 seconds. Both are automatic.” Two hundred tons of riprap stone were placed around the structure. The light went into operation in November 1927.

In 2020, the light is still an active aid to navigation and has a red sector.


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