The Chesapeake Chapter is a 501(c)(3) organization and an official chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society.

The specific purposes of this organization is to:
a. Support the restoration and preservation of America’s lighthouses, by encouraging, supporting and assisting the efforts of individuals, preservation groups, public agencies and private corporations.
b. Publish a quarterly newsletter, Chesapeake Lights.
c. Sponsor occasional tours and forums to educate, inform and entertain people interested in lighthouse history.
d. Maintain a digital archive of materials pertaining to lighthouses and lightships of the core area to be defined as Maryland, Virginia, Fenwick Island and Lewes in Delaware and all of the Chesapeake Bay.
e. Implement programs and projects that serve to perpetuate the history of Lighthouses, lighthouse Keepers, Lightships and Lightship crew that served or are serving in the Chesapeake Bay core area.

Since this is a local chapter of the national organization, Chapter members are encouraged to join the U.S. Lighthouse Society.

Our newsletter, Chesapeake Lights, is published quarterly and includes reports of past and future Chapter activities, articles on area lights, member activities and profiles, and other items of interest to lighthouse enthusiasts.

The Chapter started a volunteer program in 1997 to assist local organizations in the preservation and maintenance of Bay area lighthouses.  Although our preservation program has been slow to restart after COVID,  between April and November Chapter volunteers are busy at one or more lighthouse locations around the Chesapeake area.

The Chapter tries to keep abreast of all light activities in Virginia and Maryland to serve as an information source and contact point for local authorities, other organizations, and the general public.

Chapter activities include honoring Chesapeake Bay lighthouse keepers with grave markers, placing Lighthouse Historical Displays at small museums throughout the Chesapeake Bay area both indoors and outdoors,  guest speakers, the previously mentioned preservation/maintenance opportunities and public promotion of the Chapter at various events in the Maryland/Virginia area.

The Chapter also sponsors the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge, an event that allows lighthouse fans to visit  participating lighthouses/lightships on the Chesapeake Bay.  We are currently looking for a Lighthouse Challenge Committee Chair for the next challenge.

The Chapter is supported by its’ members annual dues.  Higher levels of membership further support the Chapter by helping with program and preservation costs.  Additional donations are always welcome.

Your involvement in the Chesapeake Chapter is critical to the maintenance and growth of a vigorous and dynamic local organization committed to protecting, enjoying, and advancing the Bay’s lighthouse heritage.

The Chapter’s “Purposes” are listed in the Chapters By-Laws, which can be read by clicking on the link below: Chapter By-Laws dated December 2022

To join please go to our Keepers Loft. This web site is lovingly dedicated to:
Herb Entwistle
The Chesapeake Chapter’s founding president.

Chapter By-Laws 2024 January Chapter Info Summary

      Chapter Board standing Rules  2022 December

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