Membership in The Chesapeake Chapter of the U. S. Lighthouse Society

Membership in the Society (a strictly nonprofit organization) is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If you are interested in lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, lightships and lightship sailors, around the Chesapeake Bay then our Chapter is for you. The membership year runs for twelve consecutive months from the date your membership is received.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society you will:


The Chapter is supported exclusively by Members dues.

Additional donations are always welcome to cover overhead expenses and support expansion of our programs. Your involvement in the Chesapeake Chapter is critical to the maintenance and growth of a vigorous and dynamic local organization committed to protecting, enjoying, and advancing the Chesapeake Bay’s lighthouse heritage. We hope you will share your interest in lighthouses by joining us today!.

If you have a membership related question, please send and email to our Membership Committee Chair at:

Membership Levels – Dues

Type One-year Three-year Five-year
Individual * $15 $40 $65
Family * $20 $55 $90
Senior (65+) * $10 $25 $40
**Keeper $50 $145 $240
**Inspector $100 $295 $490
**Superintendent $250    
**Lifetime (One Time Fee) $750    
***Keeper’s Mascot (One Time Fee) $5    

* Member at these levels receive the newsletter via email only.  If during the membership purchase process you are asked if you want the newsletter mailed to you or not, please ignore the question.  We are working to remove that question.

**These categories will also each receive a newsletter via 1st class mail in addition to the emailed version.   Inspectors, Superintendents and Lifetime will also receive an appropriate gift.

***The Keeper’s Mascot is for a member’s Pet(s) Only and is a one time fee.  All other Membership Dues are annual or longer as indicated.

NEW – Lighthouse Keeper Complementary Individual Life Membership.  Any Coast Guard sailor who was stationed at a Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse in our “core area” is eligible for a free individual Life Membership to the Chapter.  The lighthouses in our core area are listed on our LH Heritage web page.  You must have been assigned to the light station, not temporary duty for repairs.  This free Life Memberships will entitle you to our quarterly newsletters via email and the members discount on our Keepers Loft.  This does not include the free gifts we provide to paid Life Members.  We may contact you to ask if you are willing to be interviewed to learn about you time at the lighthouse.  Our goals for this special membership are: to learn who these “Keepers” are, learn any interesting information they can share about the time spent at the lighthouse and obtain any photos they may have of the lighthouse, themselves, other sailors there or lighthouse related stories.  And to say Thank You for serving at a Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse to keep the light shining!  If you have some type of proof of your assignment, Do not use this web site to apply, please email either our Membership Chair at or Programs Chair at

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Manual Membership Form

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Keepers Mascot

Keepers Mascot

From the early days of lighthouse history, pets have been an important part of keeper’s lives. Pets were a source of companionship and protection for the lonely keeper. Being a good “mouser” was an additional benefit. The Chapter started the “Keeper’s Mascot” club in the summer of 2010. Our first mascot was a hamster – …

40+3 Club

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Our members receive a quarterly newsletter, CHESAPEAKE LIGHTS and an email “News Flash”. Our newsletter includes reports of past and future meetings, articles on area lights, member activities and profiles, and other items of interest to lighthouse enthusiasts. The Chesapeake Channel Marker is published periodically as material is available.A channel marker is a device showing …