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Workday: Historic Ships in Baltimore – November 5, 2022

Four volunteers showed up on a bright clear November day to do a little work on the Lightship Chesapeake. This was the largest work crew from the Chapter to work on the National Historic Landmark up in Baltimore since the Pandemic slowed things down. It will be a surprise to no one that it involved …

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Can you support the preservation of Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse via our on-line Auction 14-21 September?

We are just a few weeks away from the big online auction to benefit Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse to undertake preservation projects for this treasured National Historic Landmark. The A NIGHT FOR THE LIGHT Fundraiser auction will be live from Wednesday, September 14 at 8am (EST) until Wednesday, September 21 at 10 pm (EST). Items …

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Historical Placards for Stingray Point and Windmill Point Lighthouses provided to the Deltaville Maritime Museum

The Deltaville VA area is near the entrance to the Rappahannock River.  Also near the entrance to that river are the Stingray Point and Windmill Point lights.  Although both of the cottage-style screwpile lighthouses are gone, replaced by modern cement caisson style lights, their long history is not but it is fading.  To help residents …

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Historical Placards for Great Wicomico and Smith Point Lighthouses provided to the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum

The years first two indoor display placards were presented in May 2022. They included the Great Wicomico and Smith Point Lighthouses. The Reedville Fishermen’s Museum integrated the two displays into their existing “Beacons On The Bay” exhibit. The Reedville Fishermen’s Museum is located at 504 Main St in Reedville, VA. See their web site for …

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Lighthouse plaque

Lighthouse Keeper recognition ceremony for Keeper George M. Wible – May 14th, 2022

The Chesapeake Bay was home to a large number of lighthouses.  Each one was maintained by a dedicated group of public servants, Lighthouse Keepers.  One of these public servants, Keeper George M. Wible, was honored on Saturday May 14th in Crisfield, MD. The chapter installed the first U. S. Lighthouse Service marker of 2022 at …

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Lighthouse plaque

Lighthouse Keeper recognition ceremony for Keeper John A. Phillips – November 6th, 2021

It was a beautiful Saturday at the Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore.  The family and friends of Keeper John Phillips gathered for the U. S. Lighthouse Service Grave Marker dedication ceremony to honor his service as a Lighthouse Keeper from 1869 to 1877.  His grave marker was installed by a family member with an assist …

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Cove Point Light Station

Workday: Cove Point Lighthouse March 19, 2022

After two years volunteers returned to Cove Point to do a little touch up work on the porch of the keeper’s house. It was a small crew of four people who showed up on a sunny and breezy Saturday. The museum has just completed replacing the old, battered chain link fence that stands between the …

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Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse News

Winter Update A hardy group of volunteers hung holiday wreaths in November. They were removed in January to be replaced by ice. It has been quiet this winter as we all hibernate and wait for spring to arrive. By the time you read this, we will have started our spring Docent training program and our …

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Keeper Mascot Charlie Martin

Keepers Mascot: Charlie Martin

Mascot #128 is Charlie Martin. members Eric andSusan provided this info: Charlie is an all-black, cat. He was about 7 months old when we adopted him two years ago. We picked him out of the bunch because we learned that black cats are the least adopted. One of Charlie’s favorite spots to regally sit is …

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Lighthouse Challenge and Festival Dates

Regional Lighthouse Challenge and Festival Dates.

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