Our Favorite Links To Other Lighthouse Sites

The Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS does not endorse any of the following web sites or the merchandise offered. We are providing these links as a service to those who might enjoy seeing what these web sites offer. As a policy, the Chapter does not link to commercial sites.

Organizations Chesapeake Region Personal Pages International Miscellaneous
US Lighthouse Society
Alabama Lighthouse Association
American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF)
Baltimore Light
Calvert Marine Museum
Drum Point & Cove Point Lighthouses
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Hooper Strait Lighthouse
Craighill Channel Range Lights
Craighill Range Lighthouses
Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation
Georgia Lighthouses
Great Lakes Lighthouse Keeper’s Association
Historic Ships of Baltimore
Seven Foot Knolls Lighthouse & Chesapeake Lightship
Long Island Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society
National Maritime Initiative
National Park Service program
National Lighthouse Center and Museum
New Dungeness Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society
New Jersey Lighthouse Society
Oregon Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society
Outer Banks Lighthouse Society
Overfalls Foundation
Piney Point Lighthouse Museum
Point Lookout Lighthouse
Point Lookout State Park
Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society
Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation
Thomas Point Shoal Partnership
a public-private partnership for our maritime heritage
U.S. Coast Guard’s Curatorial Services Program Currently Unavailable 
U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouses, Lightships, Tenders & Other Aids to Navigation Subjects Currently Unavailable
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Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Project
A personal home page by Matthew B. Jenkins, who is a member of our chapter. Specializing in the Chesapeake Bay area.
Lightship Chesapeake
Turkey Point Light Station
Virginia Lighthouses
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Beacons of Hope
by Dana Morgan who is a member of our chapter
Bill Conway’s Lighthouse Photos
Bill’s Lighthouse Getaway
The Lighthouse Directory by Russ Rowlett
The Lighthouse Hunters
by Christine & Tom Cardaci.
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Lighthouses of Australia Project
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Lighthouses That Offer Accommodations
Publicly Accessible Lighthouses
Safety at Sea: All About Lighthouses

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