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Do You Like Lighthouses?
Check out this fun page of puzzles, mazes and match-ups. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this page.

Lighthouse Games
Do you like to play Hangman? Check out our Lighthouse Hangman game on-line. Can you save the light?

Do you like to play Concentration? Try our Lighthouse Concentration game. Click on a tile; match the pairs. How fast can you find the pairs?

Try your skills with picture puzzles.
Chesapeake Bay On-line Puzzles

Chesapeake Bay on-line puzzles

Did You Know?
Kids whose parent(s) hold Chapter family membership can also participate in the 40 + 3 and receive a patch. View and print out using Acrobat Reader or HTML the list of lighthouses and lightships and get started today!

Move mouse over picture to play sound. Click on the picture for more information.

Picture of a bell buoy Picture of a fog signal Picture of sea gulls flying Picture of waves breaking on the shore

Click on picture to learn the parts of the lighthouse.

Types of Lighthouses
Lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes. Ever wonder about the different types? Click the click to learn more about lighthouse types to learn more.

Life of a Lighthouse Keeper
What was it like to be a Lighthouse Keeper? Was it fun? Boring? Dangerous? Click the Click for information about a lighthouse keeper's life to learn more.

Kids Crafts


Solo Cup Mini Lighthouse Lighthouse in a Bottle Cereal Cardboard Lighthouses Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft lighthouse_candlesticks Picture of completed lighthouse craft project

Kids Mail
Caleb from Washington State writes:

…I am working on a school report and need some information. Can you provide me with answers to the following questions? Thanks! Click here to see the questions and answers.

Are you writing a report and have questions? Do you like lighthouses and want to share your experiences? Just drop us a line at Your letter, questions or comments may be published on this site!

More Lighthouse Information
Want to learn more about lighthouses? Click the Click for more lighthouse information to learn more.

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A bell buoy is a large buoy on which a bell is mounted, to be rung by the motion of the waves. Buoys became important aids to navigation around 1880. With the advent of steam-powered vessels, buoys were employed to mark the safest and shortest routes. Not all buoys are bell type. Some are whistle …

Fog Signals

Fog horns were made mostly of brass. There are dozens of design for fog horns. Bellows or pump style, electric or air powered. Fog horns are designed for maritime use and need to be able to resist the corrosive effects of oceanic environments. The first fog signal was used in 1719 at Boston light. It …

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Keepers Life

What was life like for a lighthouse keeper? Busy? Boring? Dangerous? Lonely? Yes to all. Let’s take busy first. Keepers were required to keep a daily logbook of daily events, accomplishments, shipping traffic, and weather conditions. We know these things because logbooks have been saved over the years. The government required detailed record keeping. There …

Lighthouse Crafts

Create beautiful lighthouse decor with these fun and easy crafts!

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More Books

Young Children & Children • Ronda and David Armitage’s picture book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas published by Scholastic Press; 36 pages • Arielle North Olson’s Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter published by Mystic Seaport; 32 pages; review “While Father is away for weeks, Miranda has to keep the lamps burning in the lighthouse.” Ages 4-8. • Gail …

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Sea Gulls

Sea gulls, lighthouses and the beach go together, unless you live in Hawaii since it does not have seagulls because of the ocean currents. Sea gulls are adapted to most climates and therefore the food supplies of many lands. They are capable of surviving in the summer heat or the Arctic cold, to cross oceans, …

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Types of Lights

TOWER: The early Bay lighthouses were simple towers of brick or local stone with a light at the top. They were built near the shoreline or on a bluff so they could be seen by passing ships. Erosion of the shore caused by the weather threatened many of these towers. Some of the tower lights …

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“High tides and wind-whipped waves hurled rocks through Point Wilson Lighthouse’s [Washington] north door over the weekend, flooding the beloved landmark’s ground floor.” Reported on December 14, 2004 by Nick Koveshnikov. Many lighthouses are vulnerable to wave action due to storms. In the winter months, winds and waves create “reefing ice” where blocks of ice …

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You Asked

Caleb from Washington State emailed us and asked the following questions:     How many rooms does a lighthouse have? Do the rooms have a special purpose? What is a lighthouse made from? Why are those materials used? What is the average height for a lighthouse? What is the significance of the colors used on …