One function of the Chesapeake Chapter, U.S. Lighthouse Society is to educate and inform the general population about the lighthouses and Lightships of the Chesapeake Bay region. To that end, the Chesapeake Chapter:

  • Provides a special web page “Cheslights Kids” aimed at the future generation of lighthouse preservationists.
  • Created a Scout patch program to educate scouts on the history of the lighthouses in the Bay area and the importance of preserving them.
  • Provides speakers, who can speak on a variety of topics as they relate to the lighthouses and Lightships of the Chesapeake region, to any interested organization.

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Cheslights Kids

Check out this fun page of puzzles, mazes and match-ups. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this page. Do you like to play Hangman? Check out our Lighthouse Hangman game on-line. Can you save the light? Do you like to play Concentration? Try our Lighthouse Concentration game. Click on a tile; match …

Scout Patch Program

Chesapeake Chapter, U.S.L.H.S.Scout Patch Program TO EDUCATE SCOUTS ON THE ROLE OF LIGHTHOUSES IN THE CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA,HISTORY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESERVING THEM FOR THE FUTURE. The Chesapeake Chapter, U.S.L.H.S. “Keeping the Lights Shining” Scouts Patch Program is to educate scouts on the role of lighthouses in the Chesapeake Bay area; their history, keeper’s …

Speakers Program

Are you a teacher looking for an educational presentation to inspire your youth in the importance of preserving the history and the lighthouses we all cherish? Wondering how to include math, English and art classes into the lighthouse theme? Is your organization looking for a visual quick trip around the globe with personal photographs and …