Timeline: Greenbury Point Shoals Lighthouse

1879:   The U.S. Lighthouse Board recommends building a lighthouse at the end of the shoal of Greenbury Point to replace the existing lighthouse on land that is quickly eroding and in need of extensive repairs at a price of $25,000.

1889:   After years of requests from the U.S. Lighthouse Board, Congress appropriates $25,000 to construct a lighthouse on the shoal to replace the one on land. Borings are made at the site to determine what the structure should be.

1890:   It is decided to construct a screwpile lighthouse, like the structure at Sharkfin Shoal, MD.

1891:   The Greenbury Point Shoal Lighthouse, a hexagon-shaped screwpile structure fitted with a sixth-order Fresnel lens is completed and the light is exhibited for the first time on November 15.

1892:   The original lighthouse on land is discontinued and used as a daymark.

1899:   New model fourth-order lamps are supplied.

1901:   Soundings are made around the lighthouse and various repairs are made.

1914:   Keeper Clinton B. Gray rescues two oystermen that had capsized in a canoe on December 26.

1915:   Keeper Clinton B. Gray is awarded the inspectors’ efficiency star.

1918:   The lighthouse and lens are damaged by heavy and dangerous ice floes.

1934:   Greenbury Point Shoal Lighthouse is dismantled. An automated light on top of a skeletal tower is mounted to the remaining screwpile foundation.

2008:   The screwpile foundation and light were removed on October 21.


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