Mathias Point Lighthouse

Mathias Point Station was placed at the edge of a shoal jutting out from a major bend in the Potomac River.  This point was considered one of the most dangerous navigation problems on the river.  In the summer of 1873, the United States naval steamer Frolic went ashore and remained grounded for over two weeks.  It was eventually floated out at a cost of nearly $6,000.  After much debate in Congress, $40,000 was finally appropriated in 1874.  Originally, a day beacon was approved for Mathias Point and light for Port Tobacco Flats.   After a delay of almost two years, the two sites were switched.

Plans were drawn up for Mathias Point and the design was like no other screwpile on the Bay.  The design included 3 levels, unlike the other 2-level cottages on the Bay.  It had a large second floor and smaller third floor which resulted in a “wedding cake” profile.  It also had an unusual amount of ornate detailed woodwork.  The pilings were angled inward to the base of the lighthouse, which was also different from other screwpile designs.  The house was white with a brown roof and green shutters.  Construction started in September 1876 and commissioned December 20, 1876, and exhibited a fifth-order Fresnel lens.

The light was automated in 1951 and was monitored by the keeper of Maryland Point Light.  In 1961 the light was decommissioned the beautiful lighthouse at Mathias Point was dismantled.  The current light is a steel tower on the original screwpile supports and displays a 44-foot high, 6 second flashing green light. The current light can be viewed from the Mt. Bethel Recreation Center at Mathias Point in Virginia. As of 2020, it is still an active aid to navigation.

Head Keepers:  Richard M. Smoot (1876 – 1886), Benjamin Grymes (1886 – at least 1919), Bruce Pounds (1920 – at least 1939), John C. Lewis (at least 1948)

Assistants:  Mary E. Smoot (1876 – 1882), Martha C. Grymes (1894 – 1903), Francis C. Fitzhugh (1903), Robert L. Carpenter (1903 – 1904), Robert C. Barker (1904), Sheldon R. Van Houter (1904 – 1905), Joshua H. Dailey (1905 – 1906), Fabius E. Simpson (1906), Sheldon R. Van Houter (1906 – 1911), Bruce Pound (1911), Robert Kuhn (1911 – 1912), Henry A. Draubauer (1912), Lorenzo L. Beacham (1912 – at least 1913), Bruce Pounds (at least 1915 – 1920), J.D. Midgett (at least 1926 ), P.S. Midgett (at least 1930), Joseph T. Oliver (1939 – 1942),Thomas H. Barnes (1944 – 1945), James N. Carter (at least 1948), Edwin B. Midgett (at least 1948)

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GPS: 38.4051,-77.0428


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