Mathias Point Lighthouse

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard
Mathias Point Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1876. It was a hexagonal screwpile cottage lighthouse described as resembling a wedding cake. The light had a fifth-order Fresnel lens. It was located between the Port Tobacco River and Potomac River near the Virginia shoreline upriver from Dahlgren, VA. The lighthouse was constructed after a Navy steamer ran aground. Mathias Point Shoal Light was meant to replace Upper Cedar Point Lighthouse, which was two miles upriver. Upper Cedar Point was re-established six years later, due to continued requests from ship captains.
The cottage was dismantled in 1963 and a steel tower was constructed on the original screwpile supports.

The current light can be viewed from Mt. Bethel Recreation Center at Mathias Point in Virginia.

Head Keepers:  Richard M. Smoot (1876 – 1886), Benjamin Grymes (1886 – at least 1919), Bruce Pounds (1920 – at least 1939), John C. Lewis (at least 1948)

Assistants:  Mary E. Smoot (1876 – 1882), Martha C. Grymes (1894 – 1903), Francis C. Fitzhugh (1903), Robert L. Carpenter (1903 – 1904), Robert C. Barker (1904), Sheldon R. Van Houter (1904 – 1905), Joshua H. Dailey (1905 – 1906), Fabius E. Simpson (1906), Sheldon R. Van Houter (1906 – 1911), Bruce Pound (1911), Robert Kuhn (1911 – 1912), Henry A. Draubauer (1912), Lorenzo L. Beacham (1912 – at least 1913), Bruce Pounds (at least 1915 – 1920), J.D. Midgett (at least 1926 ), P.S. Midgett (at least 1930), Joseph T. Oliver (1939 – 1942),Thomas H. Barnes (1944 – 1945), James N. Carter (at least 1948), Edwin B. Midgett (at least 1948)

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GPS: 38.4051,-77.0428


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