Greenbury Point Shoals Lighthouse

Photo courtosy of U.S. Coast Guard


Greenbury Point Shoal Light Station was constructed in 1849. It was located in the mouth of the Severn River marking the entrance to Annapolis Harbor. It was equipped with a steamer’s lens on May 14, 1855. The lighthouse was a 1½ story dwelling with a tall octagonal tower rising from its center.
Lighthouse Board 1878 report stated, “The light, in its present position, is of little use, and is so small that is can hardly be distinguished from the lights of the Naval Academy and the harbor of Annapolis.”

In 1889, Congress made an appropriation of $25,000 for a light on the shoal to replace the one on the point. Greenbury Point Shoal Light was lit on November 15, 1892. The structure was a hexagonal wooden structure on seven screw piles, with a lantern containing a fixed white fourth-order lens.

This lighthouse was badly damaged by ice in 1918, and in 1934 the structure was removed and replaced by an automatic light on a small skeleton tower on the original screwpile foundation. Locals call the present light the “Spider Buoy.” The skeleton tower is visible from the U.S. Naval Academy campus and many other places on the Annapolis waterfront. Accessible only by boat.




GPS: 38.975,-76.455


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