Timeline: Point Lookout Lighthouse

1830    One and one half story integral lighthouse built at the mouth of the Potomac River by John Donahoo of Havre De Grace, MD. James Davis serves as first keeper but dies within months of taking office.

1862   Hammond General Hospital established near lighthouse.

1863   Camp Hoffman (Union Prisoner of War Camp for Confederates) established.

1883   Lighthouse selected as buoy depot repair station. Lighthouse raised to two full stories. Light raised 41 feet.

1884   Coal shed built to the south of the buoy depot.

1927-28 Lighthouse remodeled to a duplex and attains current configuration.

01/11/1966  Lighthouse decommissioned. Light transferred to an off-shore skeletal tower.

02/28/1966  Lighthouse and 5.5 acres of property transferred to Navy from Coast Guard. Area known as Point Lookout Tracking Station.

1980 Members of the Maryland Committee for Psychical Research conduct study of lighthouse hauntings.

02/15/2006  Maryland Board of Public Works approves exchange of two land parcels between MD and the Navy. Maryland receives 4.88 acres Pt. Lookout, buoy and coal sheds, smokehouse and archaeological site. Navy receives 4.45. acres of surplus property. Light remains inactive.

08/03/2006  Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society founded.

For more information see www.PLLPS.org or www.PtLookoutLighthouse.com


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