Timeline: Point No Point Lighthouse

(Located six miles north of Point Lookout and nine miles south by southwest of Hooper Island Light)
1902 Construction begins on wooden caisson by Toomey Brothers of New York.
1903 Temporary pier collapses; caisson breaks apart in gale force winds and drifts down the bay, settling near the Rappahannock River, 40 miles south of construction site.
1903 Tugboat tows caisson back to site; 225 tons of riprap deposited to prevent scour.
1904 Ice destroys construction pier and much parts and equipment; caisson not damaged. Pier rebuilt, new material ordered.
1905 Caisson lighthouse built using pneumatic process. White two-story octagonal brick Lighthouse, 51 feet tall with black lantern completed. Fitted with 4th order Fresnel lens.
1938 Lighthouse fully automated.
1962 Three coastguardsmen (renowned cooks) depart station, leaving Craighill Channel Front Range, Sandy Point and Thomas Point Shoal as the last manned lighthouse on the Bay.
1988/89 Coast Guard makes numerous repairs to roof, cupola, deck railing and access ladders. Caisson sandblasted and painted.
1990/91 Structure painted; interior continues to decline.
1991 Fresnel lens replaced by acrylic unit. Light remains active.
2006 Light station becomes available for transfer or sale under the provisions of the NHLPA. Light remains active.

Source: Bay Beacons by Linda Turbyville

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