Timeline: Somers Cove Lighthouse

1867:   Congress appropriates $10,000 to construct a screwpile lighthouse at Somers Cove, MD on March 2.

1867:   Somers Cove Lighthouse, a square screwpile, is completed.

1880:   Somers Cove Lighthouse is repainted.

1891:   Four of the diagonal girders are repaired.

1898:   Keeper William Insley is seriously injured on December 22.

1899:   New model fifth-order lamps are delivered.

1901:   Soundings are made around the lighthouse and various repairs are made.

1928:   The lighthouse is automated and listed as an acetylene light.

1932:   The lighthouse is dismantled. A flashing white light is mounted on a skeletal tower and mounted to the remaining foundation.


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