Historical Placards for Stingray Point and Windmill Point Lighthouses provided to the Deltaville Maritime Museum

The Deltaville VA area is near the entrance to the Rappahannock River.  Also near the entrance to that river are the Stingray Point and Windmill Point lights.  Although both of the cottage-style screwpile lighthouses are gone, replaced by modern cement caisson style lights, their long history is not but it is fading.  To help residents and visitors remember this part of local maritime history, the Deltaville Maritime Museum has a wonderful display on Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses. We recently delivered two more of our indoor Lighthouse Historical Displays to the Deltaville Maritime Museum on Jackson Creek Road in Deltaville VA. They tell the history of those local Stingray Pt and Windmill Pt Lighthouses.  The museum staff placed them on temporary display for National Lighthouse Day Augst 7th and will integrate them into their current Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse exhibit. If you make your way there to visit the museum, don’t forget to stop by and see the full-size replica of the Stingray Pt Lighthouse further down General Puller Rd in the Safe Harbor Stingray Point Marina!

For more information on the Stingray Point and Windmill Point Lighthouses, see each of those lighthouses web pages in our LH Heritage section of our web site.

For more information on the Deltaville Maritime Museum, got to their web site: www.deltavillemuseum.com  

Many thanks to our Chapter Members, whose dues help pay for these educational displays.

Photo by Deltaville Maritime Museum staff showing the indoor displays temporarily added to the museums Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay Exhibit.

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