Historical Placards for Clay Island, Great Shoals and Sharkfin Shoal Lighthouses provided to the Skipjack Heritage Museum

The last Lighthouse Historical Displays of 2022 were provided to the Skipjack Heritage Museum on Deal Island in Chance, MD.  These three displays tell the histories of the Clay Island, Sharkfin Shoal and Great Shoals lighthouses in the upper Tangier Sound of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.   The Skipack Museum already had a large model of the Great Shoals Lighthouse displayed, with some old photos.  The addition of the historical displays provided by the chapter help tell a more complete story of these lighthouse’s history to its visitors. 

This wonderful local museum is open on weekends. If you find yourself in the Maryland Easter Shore area south of Cambridge on the weekend, it is worth the side trip off Route 13 to see this charming museum that is packed with local skipjack and watermen artifacts.  Then you can make a second side trip to Crisfield, MD and visit the Tawes Museum where we placed two historical displays on the Janes Island and Somers Cove lighthouses.

For more information on the Skipjack Heritage Museum, got to their web site: skipjackheritage.com

For more information on the Clay Island, Great Shoals and Sharkfin Shoal Lighthouses, see each of those lighthouses web pages in our LH Heritage section of our web site.

Many thanks to our Chapter Members, your dues help pay for these educational displays.

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