2022 Preservation Grant: Historic Ships In Baltimore for the Lightship Chesapeake.

The Chapter awarded the 2022 HELP preservation grant of $1,000 to the Historic Ships in Baltimore (HSIB) on September 20th, 2022. Chapter Vice President Greg Krawczyk presented the 2022 Chapter Grant check to the Director of HSIB, Chris Rowsom on board the lightship. The grant funds will be used to help with the restoration of the lightships topside deck lights, specifically: sandblasting all of the light fixtures and junction boxes so they can be primed, painted and re-wired. This will enhance the night-time security of the lightship and improve the safety of visitors who participate in the HSIB over-night program on the Submarine Torsk, who eat their meals on the lightship.

Chapter Vice President Greg Krawczyk presents the 2022 Preservation Grant check to HSIB Director Chris Rowsom

If you are a lighthouse preservation group and have a project(s) you feel meets our criteria we invite you to apply for one of our Preservation/ Restoration Grants. To do so, complete the application form. In addition to the specific questions, please provide any additional information that you feel will support your request for one of our grants. All paperwork must be submitted via email (preferred) or postmarked between December 15th of the old year and February 15th of the new year. The award will be selected at the March Board Meeting and announced no later than March 30th of the same year.

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