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Hotel Accomodations

Discounted Hotel Accommodations – 2015 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge

Discounted Hotel Accommodations 2015 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge Route The Chesapeake Chapter wishes your stay in Maryland to be a wonderful one. For your convenience, listed below are the hotels/inns that are offering discounted accommodations along the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge route. The Chesapeake Chapter does not assume any responsibility for these accommodations, only that they are …

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Hobie replacing deck boards.

Workday: Thomas Point Lighthouse June 10, 2015

A small crew went out to do some additional work before the contractors started adding the shine back in the roof. Bob cleaned and tested the squawker and then performed a minor repair before neatly stowing all of the equipment and supplies for the bird deterrent.  He also found a way to put more speakers …

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Photo by Henry Gonzalez

Thomas Point Shines Again

If you’ve been looking at the photos of our workdays at Thomas Point over the last few months you may have noticed the roof was looking a little less than pristine. Well this past week a group of professional contractors from All-Type Roofing out of landlocked Harrisburg PA traveled down to Maryland and put the shine back …

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Hobie stencils life ring.

Workday: Historic Ships in Baltimore June 6, 2015

Our June workday on the lightship Chesapeake was a busy one. A dozen volunteers spread out to all the little nooks and crannies of the ship – and there are lots of those. We worked from the fly bridge to the lower deck workshops and from the wardroom to the fidley. There was an interesting …

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Blue Angels practice overhead.

Workday: Thomas Point Lighthouse May 16 & May 20, 2015

On May 16th and 20th volunteers headed out to Thomas Point to do some more exterior work on the lighthouse. On Saturday volunteers worked on some of the decking and railing. They installed some posts and railing where the old shed had been. They also did some work on the deck boards. The following Wednesday another …

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Reflections of Point Lookout Light in newly installed window.

Workday: Point Lookout Light Station May 14, 2015

Volunteers Tony Pasek and Hobie Statzer have made a few trips down to Point Lookout Light Station where they are working with Point Lookout volunteer Chuck Kohls to restore the windows in the old buoy shed that sits next to the lighthouse. The shed has been a fixture on the site since 1883 when the …

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Chapter Brick at Concord Point Legacy Walk

Workday: Concord Point Lighthouse May 5,2015

Chapter volunteers Tony Pasek and Hobie Statzer headed north to Concord Point Lighthouse where they joined Friends of Concord Point President Floyd Dobson in installing the legacy bricks along the walk to and around the lighthouse. They installed 50 new legacy bricks – which meant they had to remove 50 blank bricks. All in all, …

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Driving Directions – 2015 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge

DOWNLOAD PDF DIRECTIONS Concord Point Havre de Grace, MD 410-939-3213 GPS: 39 ̊ 32’ 27” latitude, 76 ̊ 05’ 06” longitude From Seven Foot Knoll (approx. drive time 50 min) From Pratt Street past Inner Harbor, get in far left lane, turn left onto President Street. Take next left onto Lombard Street, follow straight …

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Millers Island Lighthouse
aka Craighill Channel Lower Range Light Rear. 
Photo by Andy Gray

Bonus Cruise! – 2015 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge – Thursday, Friday and Monday, September 17, 18, and 21

For those able to spend an extra day touring the great state of Maryland, there will be a 2015 Bonus Cruise to see some of the Bay’s more elusive lighthouses! This all-day excursion will be offered on Thursday, Friday and Monday, September 17, 18, and 21, 2015. Cruise participants will have the opportunity to view …

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