Timeline: Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

(The last manned lighthouse of the Chesapeake Bay)

1825 First lighthouse, a granite tower, built 100 feet inland on seven acre parcel by John Donahoo. Fitted with Argand style lighting apparatus.
1840 Second lighthouse, a masonry tower built by Winslow Lewis. 1st tower demolished.
1855 Lamp replaced by 5th order Fresnel lens.
1875 Third and present lighthouse, 43 foot tall screwpile cottage built on shoal at entrance to South River; exhibited 4th order lens.
1877 Foundation damaged by heavy ice. 2nd tower briefly reactivated.
1886/87 1600 cubic yards of riprap placed around lighthouse.
1894 2nd lighthouse collapses.
1899 New 4th order lens installed.
1964 Lighthouse becomes the last manned beacon on the Chesapeake Bay.
1975 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 1986 Coast Guard keepers leave. Light is automated. 1999 Designated National Historic Landmark.
5/1/04 Management of lighthouse transferred from Department of Interior to consortium led by the Chesapeake Chapter and the Annapolis Maritime Museum.
6/2/07 Public tours of LH begin led by Annapolis Maritime Museum and Chesapeake Chapter USLHS docents. Restoration continues.

Source: Bay Beacons by Linda Turbyville

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