Lighthouse Keeper recognition ceremony for Keeper Otho Bounds – October 24, 2020

Keeper Bounds Family & Friends after the October ceremony in Allen, Maryland.

The ceremony for Keeper Otho Bounds was held on the 24th of October 2020 in Allen MD.  Thanks to the earlier March 2020 article in the local newspaper, there were 34 friends and family at the ceremony, well under the 50 people maximum for an outdoor event.  . 

From 1892 through 1893 Keeper Bounds served first at the Lower Craighill Range Front Light, then Lower Cedar Point Light.  He took a breather from the job, returning to the Lighthouse Service in 1907 to serve at Sharps Island light until 1914.  From there he transferred to Hoopers Island Light, then Seven Foot Knoll Light and back to Lower Cedar Point Light until 1916.  He transferred back to Hooper Island Light and must have liked it there, serving until 1922.  He next served at Sandy Point Shoal Light until 1924.  Then he went back to Seven Foot Knoll Light from 1924 until 1930.  He finally settled at Love Point Light, serving until at least 1936.  For local historians, 1936 was the year of a big freeze in the Chesapeake Bay and Keeper Bounds was rescued after being cut off for weeks from land by a team who walked from shore.  We were unable to determine if he remained at Love Point or served somewhere else, but Keeper Bounds retired in 1939 after a very long career at 8 different Bay Lighthouses. 

One other interesting note, the land that the cemetery is located on, was donated to the local church by Keeper Otho Bounds.

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