Keepers Mascot: Yuengling

We spotlight mascot # 30 – Yuengling. Jerry and Donna tell us about Yuengling and the origins of this unusual name.

Yuengling, a Lhasa Apso and poodle mix, is the third member of the family.  He celebrated his ninth birthday by eating a few small pieces of filet mignon along with his regular dry dog food.  He also passed his annual physical exam with flying colors.

Yuengling joined the family eight years ago.  Jerry and Donna found out about the website,  They searched on it for a male Lhasa Apso about one year old.  After only two days of searching, Yeungling, then named “Bo-Bo”, popped to the top of the list.  Jerry and Donna adopted him the first day that he was available from the Lancaster SPCA.  He was very friendly and playful and was already housebroken.

Lhasa Apsos are an ancient Tibetan dog.  Jerry and Donna didn’t particularly care for the name “Bo-Bo” for their all-white long-haired dog.  They found out that two words in Tibetan, “ying” and “ling”, can be interpreted as meaning “looking at” and the “stars.”  So they thought that, since BoBo had all white fur, “Yingling” would be a good new name for him but changed the spelling to “Yuengling” since Jerry enjoys the beer with that name.

One of Yuengling’s favorite tricks is to “spin” for his treats.  He enjoys playing with many different toys, all of which he knows by name.  His favorite toy is a yellow tennis ball.  When Yuengling brings his “yellow ball” to Jerry and Donna, he is telling them that is it time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an evening snack.  He keeps both of them on their toes and on schedule since he is very accurate.

 Yuengling doesn’t seem to have a favorite food.  He seems to enjoy almost all foods.  But he does have two favorite activities besides eating.  Yuengling enjoys going for walks and he loves to have his belly rubbed.

 We think that Yuengling‘s favorite lighthouse is Drum Point because it has fewer steps than some of the lighthouses!

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