Keepers Mascot: Seraphina

We spotlight mascot # 47 – Seraphina. Larry provided us with this bio of his furry friend: Serephina is a 7 year old Bichon Frise mixed with a poodle as well as the most adorable little white Afro-ed dog in the world. She loves to run and hop like a bunny in the Colorado snow and could give Speed Racer a run for his money (Literally). She can also be a bit of a manipulative sort with her “innocent me” puppy eyes and curled puffball of a tail wagging every which way, but she’s just so adorable when she smiles for food that she makes you melt inside and wanna hug and never let go. This is my little girl, my younger sister of sorts. And I wouldn’t trade her for ALL the money in the world.

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