Keepers Mascot: Cookie

We spotlight mascot # 37 – Cookie, Lynn’s nautically-inclined canine. Lynn tells us that:

Cookie loves to sleep with a bright sunlight on the deck during the summer months.  She has been on several lighthouse challenges with us.  She went to the New Jersey challenge last year.  Cookie loves to go down to Ocean City and walk the beach during the winter months.  She likes to walk the boardwalk around our home in Stoney Beach.  We have a delightful view of the river.  During the summer, Cookie will sit on the deck and watch the sail boats and other ships entering the river from the Chesapeake Bay.  The ships includes, cruise ships, cargo ships, and speed boats.  Cookie is 14 years old.  She is a rescue dog from Baltimore City.  She is our pride and joy.  She loves riding in the car.  She brings us her leash when we tell her we are going on a ride.  Cookie follows me everywhere in the house.  At night she is never very far from us.

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