Keepers Mascot: Winslow

Mascot # 56, Winslow, lives with Lauren and Paula. They provided this bio: In early January 2013, we went to a local pet store to get a hamster. We saw a couple, but there was something special about this cute little brown haired hamster. It was almost like he was telling us to take him home and we did. We like to name our hamsters after lighthouses so; it took us a couple of days to decide on a name. With the help of our friend, Marie, we decided on the name Winslow. He is named after Winslow Lewis, who built several lighthouses in the United States, including Sapelo Island in Georgia, St. Marks in Florida, and the first Cape Romain lighthouse in South Carolina. Like all hamsters Winslow enjoys running on his wheel, playing with his toys, and sleeping. Along with his hamster food, he likes eating honey sticks, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Even hamsters have a sweet tooth. Winslow is very lucky to have a godfather and numerous aunts and uncles who spoil him with hamster treats, toys, and special cards sent to him. Winslow is a celebrity because of his “Keeper Winslow” photo that his Aunt Alma took of him. We used the picture to create several holiday and birthday greeting cards with the help of Uncle Rich, and Aunts Marie and Elaine that have been mailed to family and friends across the United States, Canada and Spain bringing smiles to all. Winslow has the largest fan base of any known hamster and sometimes he gets more mail than us. We love him dearly for the joy he brings to us each day.

Unfortunately, Winslow crossed the bar in the spring of 2015.

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