Keepers Mascot: Miss Rochester

Betty and Ron have this to say about mascot # 55, Miss Rochester: Miss Rochester is an eight year neighborhood rescue cat who was abandoned at birth by her mother. At age four, she began coming to our yard for periodic visits and Ron rewarded her with tuna. In time, Miss Rochester became our indoor/outdoor cat. We decided to permanently adopt her in 2012 due to concerns for her safety when outdoors. She has proven to be a perfect house cat who likes to roll over on her back multiple times while making a noise that resembles a squeaky toy. She likes to chase the tail of her large stuffed mouse, and tosses her small mouse in the air. Miss Rochester also likes to chase the beam of Ron’s laser light. (What, a lighthouse cat?) Eating cheese is one of her favorite treats. Miss Rochester enjoys the “cushy life” of a house cat and has brought us great pleasure.

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