Keepers Mascot: Snowflake and Cookie



Mascots 105, Snowflake,  and 106, Cookie, were born in a barn.  When they were old enough to leave their mom they were adopted by a nice family in Annapolis. But that family unfortunately had an emergency and found they could not keep the young kittens. So the 5-month-olds came to live with Irva and her family on Halloween 2010.  Although they are sisters, they are as different as they can be.

Snowflake is a slender tuxedo cat who possesses a friendly and outgoing personality.  The Flake, as she is affectionately called by her two legged brothers, likes to greet new people and sniff their shoes.  The “high life” is her style as this frisky feline delights in jumping up on the tops of bookshelves.

Cookie is a black and white cat that is a little on the stout side and a little more timid than her sister.  Chubbikins, as she is affectionately called by her two legged brothers, runs and hides when she hears the doorbell.  Cookie prefers caves and will lay low by sleeping under the bed and behind chairs.  Snowflake and Cookie do agree on some things.  Both like boxes, laser tag, and tummy rubs.  Neither feline is interested in people food; it’s Friskies Buffet for them (diet-style for Cookie)!  Snowflake‘s exploits have taken her far afield after she figured out how to open the gate on the deck.  So, Cookie is not averse to joining her sister for an adventure out on the lawn.  But they always come back home.

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