Keepers Mascot: Jingle Belle

Jingle Belle

Mascot #111 is Jingle Belle, who lives with mascot #112, Lil’ Bit, as well as humans Jennifer and Cyndi.  This is her story:

My name is Jingle Belle and I’m a twelve-year-old Havanese. I was born in Budapest, Hungary and was brought to the United States when I was 3 months old. I was living in a pet store when my mommies walked in the door. I went running down that long hall and slid right into their arms! They fell in love with me because I was so cute and cuddly, and they also found out that my birthday was their anniversary. It was meant to be! They named me Jingle Belle because it was two weeks prior to Christmas. I love cauliflower, broccoli, and chicken. I can also perform tricks for treats—I spin, slap high five, lay down and nod my head. I also love to play with my squeaky toys and chase the ball, however, it’s harder for me now that I have arthritis in my back leg, but acupuncture helps me. I also love to go on road trips. They bought me a booster seat for the car so that I can see out the window and a stroller so that I can go everywhere with them once we get to our destination. When I get thirsty, I sit and stare at my mommies with my tongue sticking out. I prefer ice water in my Tervis mug over a dog bowl any day. What can I say…I’m high maintenance and my mommies made me this way…Woof!!

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