Keepers Mascot: Dozer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe spotlight mascot # 46 – Dozer a furry black and white cat. Member Jim served as a U.S. Coast Guard radioman for ten years and has been very active in the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society for the past ten years. Jim provided the following on Dozer: Dozer is a nineteen year old Tuxedo cat. He’s all black with four white sox, a white chest and a comical “Got milk?” moustache on his upper lip. He came into our home fourteen years ago when our daughter and family moved to Tennessee. We had recently become cat-less with the passing of our last Maine Coon Cat and it was thought it would be easier on him making a short trip to our house than a long trip to Knoxville.
Strictly an indoor cat, it didn’t take Dozer long to get the lay of the land and find the best perches to watch the wildlife through the windows. He is especially enthralled with all the squirrels we have and it’s fun to listen to him chattering at them as they scamper through the yard, cheeks bulging with acorns.
Another curious trait is his apparent interest in Amateur Radio. I am a “HAM” and whenever I am operating my radio, particularly when sending Morse Code, Dozer jumps up on the desk to get as close to the speaker as he can. It must be the high pitch sounds of the dit’s and dah’s that draw his attention. Dozer’s picture can be seen on Jim’s QSL, or confirmation card and has received recognition as a “second operator” from other HAMS around the world who share their radio hobby with pets.
Over the past two or three years Dozer has begun to show signs of slowing down a bit due to his advanced age. Like most older cats, he does spend a lot of time napping, but can still display a decent level of energy when it comes time to play with his favorite stuffed mouse or feather toy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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