Keepers Mascot: Sadie Hawkins

Mascot 75, Sadie Hawkins lives with mascot # 58 (Sophia), and their humans, Elinor and Jon. Elinor reports: Sadie Hawkins is a 3-year-old rescue kitty we adopted from the Animal Shelter in Silverdale, Washington. She was five months old when she came to live with us. Our older cat, Sophie, didn’t care much for Sadie at first, but now they are fast friends. Sadie Hawkins is part Maine Coon, with large green eyes, tufted ears, a very bushy tail, and furry feet. The pattern of her fur is known as mackerel stripe. Sadie is an eternal kitten—very playful and sometimes naughty, as when we fry bacon and some of it goes missing or we find tongue tracks on our ice cream! Sadie Hawkins fetches cat toys, hides them from us, and loves to chase a red laser light. She is very popular with visitors to our home, as she loves to be petted. Sadie Hawkins is a perfect name for this kitty; she is brassy, pompous, and afraid of nothing (except the vacuum cleaner). Thanks for allowing her to be a “Keeper Kitty!”

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