Keepers Mascot: Frenchy, Mimi, and Pumpkin


Mascots 76, 77, and 78 are Frenchy, Mimi, and Pumpkin, respectively. Owner Mary Lou provided this info: I had three cats before these who lived to be 18 and 19 years old and when the last one died on Memorial Day 2010 I vowed not to get another, but, by the end of the week I was at PetSmart looking for a new companion. I am a big pet lover and strong supporter of pet adoption and I adopted all three from a shelter and foster homes. Frenchy is the shy one; perhaps because he was in a foster home for a year before he came to live with me, he never comes out when anyone else is around. Occasionally, the pet sitter will see him once or twice if she’s here for a week or more. Frenchy is a good big brother to Mimi and Pumpkin and a sweetheart to me. Mimi, Frenchy’s sister, also spent a year in a foster home before coming to my house. That might explain why Mimi and Pumpkin sometimes spat (no blood drawn, just raised fur and hisses). Pumpkin is a calico cat that was a real rascal as a kitten, but she is now my “purrrfect” sleep buddy. Like most cats they would just as soon play with a paper bag or box as with the expensive pet toys I buy from time to time.




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