Keepers Mascot: Rosie


Mascot # 66 is Rosie. Bill tells us: We found 15-year-old Rosie on the internet, listed with a regional animal rescue mission. Rosie was severely abused as evidenced by her battle scars. A “BB” was lodged in her head and she had a scar around her neck from being chained for her first two years. Rosie escaped and lived off the land for a while until she was rescued. Given the name “Rosemary Song”, a.k.a., Rosie, she quickly adopted her new family. Like new players on a team, she needed to test the boundaries of what behaviors are acceptable and those that aren’t. Rosie was used to the great outdoors and we tried to make her feel comfortable by building a kennel for her to safely enjoy the outdoors. The kennel was well appointed and spacious. It had a nice tarp that covered three quarters of the kennel, keeping out the rain, but allowing an area to enjoy the sun. It had its own doghouse for privacy; plenty of bones, balls, chew toys, and other accoutrements for her pleasure. It was a five-star establishment. In her first stay she ignored the playthings and went to work on demolition. I do not know how long it took her but she unleashed her teeth, paws, and jaws on the chain-link, opened a hole and was free. When we returned she was on the porch with, what I am convinced was a smug look. After three attempts at reinforcing the kennel, Rosie can’t escape now, or it will take her getting an engineering degree and a fine set of tools. Now Rosie is an indoor dog who sniffs at windy and/or rainy weather.

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