Keepers Mascot: Spartacus


Mascot # 61 is Spartacus, who lives with mascots Puck and Stormcloud (48 and 49 respectively), as well as humans Karl, Cory, Claudia, and Val. Cory reports: Spartacus, is a full American Staffordshire Terrier, and he will be three in May. We got Spartacus from K-9 rescue when he was nine weeks old. It took me two years of pleading to convince Karl I needed a dog. We were wandering through the K-9 event when some lady handed Spart to me and walked away. He looked at Karl and me and that was it. He exuberantly loves all animals and people, especially young kids, men in dress clothes, and the mailman. His first lighthouse sighting was Hooper Island shortly after he came home with us. As an active Chapter member, he has attended one board meeting, on the Stingray Point replica lighthouse, and has volunteered at two Challenges, first at Fort Washington and most recently at Choptank. Though he has webbed feet and has been kayaking since he was a baby, he is afraid of water. At Choptank, his boisterous personality was quite subdued as he ensured his safety by always staying in the middle of the dock. To ensure no Challenger would view the Lighthouse without his greeting, he would only rest at the base of the stairs. He is very smart and knows many tricks, although he often is choosy as to when he wants to display his talents and is not above holding out for the best treats. He is a joy every day and secretly hopes someday he can go out to Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse (although he may not realize it.). Regardless, he has his life jacket ready.

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