Keepers Mascot: Edna Sprit

Edna Sprit

Mascot # 67 is Edna Sprit of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Jennifer supplied Edna’s history: On a very cold day in November 2013, a tiny kitten was found at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM) by the ladies from our gift store when they were opening the museum buildings. I was teaching a women’s wood working class in the boat shop when Edna was brought to me by one of the ladies from our store. Food and water was left out for the little kitten and after a few days, the kitten began to venture out. After taking the kitten to the local vets, it was discovered that she was around four weeks old, full of fleas, worms, and quite malnourished. CBMM staff pitched in for the first vet bill and within two weeks, the kitten was free of fleas and worms, and was vaccinated. An anonymous donor stepped up to cover the cost of spaying, flea medication, and other vet bills. The name Edna was proposed, after the queen of the Museum’s floating fleet, the 1889 nine-log bugeye Edna E. Lockwood, however some shipwrights took to calling her Sprit, (as in the bowsprit of a boat) and both names stuck. When she was a very small kitten I would wrap her in the neck of my jacket when walking around checking on our historic floating fleet. Edna is very curious and friendly, often going on to our marina guest boats to enjoy snacks and sleep. She thinks she is part squirrel as she chases them climbing high on CBMM’s trees around campus and on the sides of buildings. During the winter months, she spends lots of time in the warm boat shop break room (where we can keep an eye on her) anxiously waiting for the next volunteer, Apprentice For a Day (AFAD) participant, or employee to offer up a cozy lap. The Chief Mousing Officer is supported by CBMM staff members and donations from visitors to the CBMM provide her food and cat treats.

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