Keepers Mascot: Petunia

Petunia_webIn this Keeper’s Mascot Corner, we spotlight Mascot # 14 – “Petunia” a calico cat adopted by members Robert and Stevik. Robert provided the following thoughtful and appropriate biography on “Petunia”. She came to us about 13 years ago while recuperating in the veterinary infirmary. Petunia recovered from her malady quickly, and soon was happily at home. She wasn’t serene at all, and was constantly leaping on everything – sometimes with disastrous results. Despite constant travel with the National Park Service, Petunia remains disinclined to go outside. She has lived in a condo in downtown DC, a farmhouse on the eastern shore of Maryland, a row house in Philadelphia, and now in an old house in rural Virginia with lots of windows. She’s never caught a mouse. These days she is on a very special diet that includes all that she needs in her senior years. She doesn’t run up and down the stairs like she used to. She takes her time. Our little cat would be very happy living in a lighthouse. But she’s not a mouser, so I guess the lighthouse keeper might be a little disappointed in her predatory instincts. We know Petunia would like a lighthouse because she loves steps. Up and down, up and down; she’s always looking for warm places, windows and sunshine. When she is in repose she likes taking in views, musing at birds, squirrels and bugs. So a lighthouse perch would certainly keep her content. If Petunia was a lighthouse keeper’s cat, I’m sure she would spend many hours watching ships and gulls from lighthouse windows. She’d chase balls of string and shadows on the keeper’s floor. She’d go up and down the lighthouse steps, and dine on fresh fish and store bought rations. Not a mouser? No problem. Petunia would be so sweet that the keeper would, no doubt, want to keep her. Petunia2_web   If you recall from the 2009 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge, the calico cat is the state feline. Cats made excellent Keeper pets. Photos courtesy of Robert and Stevik.

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