Keepers Mascot: Maddie

Maddie Risinger. Photo courtesy John and Jean Risinger.We spotlight Mascot #13 – “Madeline” – a poodle owned by John & Jean. John provided the following funny bio on Maddie – a very devoted pet.

Madeline – her friends call her “Maddie” and her toys call her “Tiger”. At eleven pounds, Maddie is just a little over a hand full, but she is bursting with love for family and friends. She always greets us excitedly when we come home. She dances around, performing pirouettes and trying her best to talk. When a family member has been absent for a long time, upon return, Maddie will run wildly around and around, then jumps on her hind legs, demanding to be picked up and held. Her favorite meal is Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken and she enjoys napping, eating treats and traveling (except when en route to the vet or groomer, which somehow she always knows).

Never content until her “pack” is home, Maddie can be often found waiting at the top of the stairs for the last of her family to return.

Photo courtesy of John and Jean.

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