Keepers Mascot: Buddy Blue Thunder

Buddy Shaffer photo courtesy of  Dave Shaffer.Mascot # 15 is “Buddy Blue Thunder” a six year-old Weimaraner owned by Dave and his wife. Dave provided the following bio on the friendly and outgoing Buddy.

My wife purchased him as a puppy and I have been enjoying him since my wife and I started dating.
Buddy is the ultimate social animal. His favorite hobbies are eating, meeting new people and dogs, and travelling. He is always ready to go for a trip. He watches how we dress to decide if it is somewhere he can go. I have been taking groceries out of the car and come back for another arm-load to find Buddy in the back expecting to go somewhere. His favorites are to help with our horses at the barn, geocaching and the beach when he can be on the boardwalk and beach. Twice a year we drive to Florida from Pennsylvania and he loves the trip. The best part of the trip for Buddy is meeting new dog friends and all the interesting smells.

We took Buddy on one Maryland Lighthouse Challenge but he didn’t understand why he couldn’t climb them.
We are very pleased the Shaffers took Buddy on a Maryland Lighthouse Challenge and hope Buddy returns with his owners this September. Look for a very sociable four-legged lighthouse fan.

Buddy Shaffer photo courtesy of  Dave Shaffer.
Buddy Shaffer photo courtesy of  Dave Shaffer.

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