Keepers Mascot: Charlie

Charlie Morgan. Photo courtesy of Jane Morgan.Mascot #10 – “Charlene Grace Neely- Morgan” – is a nearly 10-year old mixed female cocker spaniel/golden retriever owned by Jane. Jane provided the following funny and touching bio on Charlie.

Charlie came to my family as a puppy in February 2002, shortly after my father died and my niece named her so she could call her Charlie for short because my father’s middle name was Charles.  As a puppy, Charlie got into all kinds of trouble; she chewed the lace curtains off of my Mom’s kitchen door, burned a hole in the carpet when she knocked the lamp over when she tried to hide behind the living room drapes and chewed up my niece’s very loved teddy bear which sent the stuffing all over the living room. The mischievous pet has eaten a chocolate bar with no side effects, opened up Mom’s coffee cake on the kitchen table and helped herself and has been “three sheets to the wind” because she broke open a bottle of wine on the kitchen floor and also ate a pair of diamond earrings.  Charlie has expensive taste!  Charlie also has many talents too!  For treats, she will give you her paw (she knows the left from the right), give you a high five or say her prayers and bark “I Love You”.   When I drop something on the floor in the kitchen and she is not in sight, I yell “Charlie, clean up on aisle 9” and she comes running and cleans up.  Charlie has also had her ups and downs.  Charlie was operated on for bladder stones back around the same time I was going through treatments for breast cancer so, we supported each other and Charlie still takes a daily dose of vitamin C to ward off the return of any stones or bladder infections.  She has a little bit of arthritis in her paws and her hip and she takes a children’s aspirin when she needs it.  Charlie is also a little Vitamin D deficient so, she gets milk products to help with that.  Charlie likes to chase the birds, squirrels, and rabbits for fun and she likes to run around with my great-nephew Seth and my great-niece Julia.  For laid back entertainment, Charlie enjoys watching football, particularly the Redskins because she gets a bacon, beef, cheese or chicken flavored dog treat every time they score and she gets an extra treat if they win.  We look forward to quite a few happy years and good times with Charlie.

Photo courtesy of Jane.

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