Keepers Mascot: JubJub and Oliver

JubJub and Oliver. Photo courtesy of Maria Alvarez-Lundie.In the Keeper’s Circle this time, we spotlight two pets of Chapter Communications Officer Maria and her husband, Carl – Mascot number 7 – our first reptile member, a turtle – JubJub – and number 8 – a feline – Oliver.

Maria provided the following biography on both family pets. JubJub was named by daughter Jessica’s 7th grade science class and the class pet joined the household when Jessica earned the privilege of bringing her home for summer break. On the last day of school, Carl went to pick up the mud turtle, but didn’t know her home consisted of a large and heavy 20-gallon aquarium filled with rocks. When September rolled around and it was time to return JubJub to the classroom, Maria couldn’t part with her and pleaded with the teacher for permanent adoption……and the rest is history. Maria advised that JubJub is blind and must be hand fed. Maria estimates JubJub to be at least 25 years old and learned that JubJub can live as long as 40 years. Longevity is a common trait with turtles and some box turtles can live to over 100 years.

Oliver was named by daughter Jessica after seeing the Disney’s movie “Oliver and Company” and is a shelter rescue, found cowering in the woods as a kitten. The first time Maria and her family saw him, he was hiding in the back corner of his pen, terrified. Because another pet cat, Austin, was suffering from cancer, the family hoped Oliver would make a good companion to the third cat named Ryan. But Oliver never bonded with “the boys”. Oliver is very skittish, but once he warms up to you, he becomes affectionate. He doesn’t like the taste of mice but will catch them if they cross paths. He’s scared of the outdoors, but in the past year, Carl has been taking Oliver out onto the porch and he enjoys it – but will not step off the porch. He’s been spooked outside in the past and seeks sanctuary under the deck. Oliver once spent a full week under the deck when Ryan played a prank and abandoned his “brother” outside. This occurred during the hottest week of the year as the family was about to leave on vacation! The resourceful pet sitter was finally able to lure him out with a can of tuna a day before Maria, Carl & Jessica returned from their trip.

Truly, both pets make our household an entertaining and unpredictable one.Oliver, June 2011. Photo courtesy of Maria Alvarez-Lundie.jubjub photo courtesy of Maria Alvarez-Lundie.

Photos courtesy of Maria

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