Keepers Mascot: Sir Colin Coopersmith

Sir Colin Coopersmith photo courtesy of Al and Betty Smith.In this Keeper’s Mascot Corner, we spotlight Mascot # 16 – “Sir Colin Coopersmith” a Pembrooke Corgi adopted by Betty and Membership Chair Al. Betty & Al provided the following bio on the very sociable and independent Sir Colin.

Our Corgi, Sir Colin Coopersmith came into our lives when our daughter, Cathy, brought him home after visiting a friend in Virginia. She showed him to Al and he said if your mom wants him, ok. Cathy and Cooper (as Cathy called him) paid mom a visit at work and after all the “ahhs” and “ohhs” were over, Cooper became part of our family. Mom did rename him Sir Colin (means child) Coopersmith. Being a people dog (he thinks everyone is coming to visit him) we decided to take him to the NJ Lighthouse Challenge where we were stationed at East Point Lighthouse. We made him a Challenge “onesie” which he wore all weekend and which went over big with the crowds. He helped our son Mike greet the visitors and thoroughly enjoyed greeting them and they enjoyed him. Al is a volunteer fireman and Colin is his backup alarm. Every time the alarm goes off, he runs to find Al, barking all time, and does not stop until Al is out the door and then he takes a little rest. He also thinks he is an escape artist and has figured out how to get out of the yard if the gate is not shut right. Our mailman, Al, found him taking a walk by himself twice and he was returned safely to us. The Liebrecht twins have found a place in their hearts for him and sometimes I think they call just to see how he is do

Sir Colin Coopersmith photo courtesy of Al and Betty Smith.

ing. Sir Colin will let his ‘breakfast’ sit for hours until Al puts Cheerios on it and then goes to the kitchen for his piece of banana. Needless to say, we are glad Cathy brought him into our lives.

Al also advised that Sir Colin is a different breed than the corgis owned by HRH Queen Elizabeth. Corgis are “all from the same tree, just different branches”.

Sadly, Sir Colin “crossed the bar” at 10 a.m. on December 30, 2015.

Photos courtesy of Al and Betty.

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