Keepers Mascot: Augie


Mascot #113 is Augie, who lives with mascot #114, Poppy.  Thank you Jeff for sharing his story:

“At 8 weeks old, we picked up tiny Augie from his birth parents and brought him directly to a lighthouse – Point No Point. His very first life experience was running on the beautiful beach, in the park and interacting with all the people who work at the U.S. Lighthouse Society. However, we did not have a name for him. Skip of our office suggested we name him something that related to lighthouses, and after some debate, he came up with Augustine after Augustin Fresnel. That name stuck, but we call him Augie for short. Later in the day we took him to his forever home and introduced him to his two older feline sisters – who he is now best friends with. Augie just turned 3 years old, and we naturally threw him a party at the lighthouse where 6 of his favorite canine friends attended along with 12 of his favorite humans!”

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