Keepers Mascot: Poppy


Mascot #114 is Poppy, who lives with mascot #113, Augie.  Thank you Jeff for sharing her story:

“Our first glimpse of little Poppy was her as a kitten running out of a room chasing a crinkle ball. She is a Siamese and very loving and playful. At first our older cat Miss Marple had to teach Poppy boundaries, but eventually, they became best friends. .. they even look like each other. Now at four years old, Poppy keeps us all on our toes because we decided her life work is to perfect the art of the “gotcha!” When you least expect it, expect it – in a funny way! She loves everyone who comes to the house to see her and is always in a good mood. If you want to get on her good side, have a crinkle ball in hand when visiting!”

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