Keepers Mascot: Granby, Nadia, and Meyja


Mascots 107, 108, and 109 are Granby, Nadia, and Meyja, respectively. Owner Courtney provided this info: “Granby is our first long-haired cat with gray and white hair. We adopted him when he was 9 years old because someone brought him into our veterinarian’s office for a checkup and they never returned for him. Thankfully he was left in a safe location and we were able to make him a permanent member of our family. Granby is named after the lion cub that was born at the Virginia Zoo in 2007. At the time we adopted him, we had 5 other cats and it took a little time for everyone to get along. He liked catnip, chasing a shoestring and eating his food, plus all the leftovers the other cats didn’t finish. He liked to be petted for a little bit, but he would rather just sit and cuddle up with me. It is with a sad heart and tears in my eyes that I must say our dear Granby crossed the bar in February 2018 at the age of 16 years old. He leaves blessed paw prints on our hearts forever.”


“Meyja came to us from a friend that I worked with. My friend and her family had to move out of the country and Meyja needed a new home. Meyja was 1 1/2 years old when we took her into our home. Meyja is an Icelandic name because my friend was originally from Iceland. Meyja likes catnip, chasing toys, and taking catnaps with us. At the age of 14 years old now, Meyja takes medicine for her thyroid but, thankfully is in good health. Meyja thinks she likes to eat anything we eat and will stare at you to beg for a small taste of our food. We are blessed to have her in our lives and pray she has many more years left with us.”


“Nadia was found as a kitten in the park where I used to work. Upon arriving one morning, this little kitten came out from under the car next to mine. I took her home and the first stop was a trip to the veterinarian. After the vet’s thorough checkup, he said Nadia was about 7 months old and in good health. Nadia is named after my favorite Olympic gymnast, Nadia Comaneci. Nadia likes catnip, chasing toys and taking catnaps with us. Nadia is 13 years old now and has early signs of kidney disease so she some special food to help her kidneys and give her a longer, healthier life. We are blessed to have her in our lives and pray we she has many more years left with us.”

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