Cobb Point Bar Lighthouse

The Cobb Point Bar, also know as Cobb Island Bar, was a square cottage screwpile that was pre-fabricated at Lazaretto Depot using the same plans as the light at Tangier Sound in Virginia. The pre-fabricated sections were brought to the site and assembled in a little over 30 days. The lighthouse was commissioned on December 25, 1889. The light had a fourth order Fresnel lens that displayed a fixed white light. The cost of the lighthouse was $15,000. The lighthouse was demolished in 1940 after being heavily damaged by fire in 1939.
Photo courtesy of the Coast Guard.

The current light is a small navigation beacon mounted on the original foundation. On nautical charts, this area is called “Lighthouse Lumps”. Located off Cobb Island at the western entrance to the Wicomico River; visible from many points on the south side of Cobb Island (end of MD 254).




GPS: 38.2420,-76.8266


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