Timeline: Bloody Point Bar Lighthouse

1882 37 foot tall iron beacon on 30 foot caisson (similar to Sharps Island light) constructed off the tip of Kent Island. Equipped with 4th order Fresnel lens, foghorn & bell backup.
1883 Gales scour sand from under northwest side of lighthouse and cause six degree tilt.
1884/85 Dredging and construction of a 760 ton stone apron lessens tilt to two degrees.
1939 Keepers rescue nine members of stranded fishing boat.
1945 Keeper Tom White falls ill with appendicitis; taken to hospital at Naval Academy.
1960 Electrical fire erupts in equipment room. Blaze fought by two young Coastguardsmen. Both barely escape the resultant explosion of 500 gallon fuel tanks via motorboat. Wood interior completely consumed.
1960s Fresnel lens replaced by acrylic lens.
Source: Bay Beacons by Linda Turbyville/ Lighting the Bay by Pat Vojtech.

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