Timeline: Upper Cedar Point Lighthouse

A screwpile lighthouse located on the Potomac River in Maryland 2 miles west of Mathias Point.

1867: A white, square, screwpile lighthouse was constructed to replace lightships. It was equipped with a 5th order Franklin type Fresnel lens and hand operated fog bell.

1867: Keeper James Treakle complained that the boat was too large to hoist up and was drawing too much water. He preferred a good “skiff” be sent to him instead of the furnished boat.

1876: The light is discontinued, but a keeper is still maintained to operate the fog bell.

1882: After numerous complaints, the light is relit on September 1, 1882.

1883: A boat hoisting apparatus was installed in October 1883, as well as an additional smoke-stack.

1888: On April 15, 1888, panels of ruby glass were inserted to inform mariners at night of the position of shoals and turning points.

1896: On October 10, 1896, the red sector in the light showing between bearings NE 3/8 N & NE by E 3/8 was discontinued.

1900: New model fifth-order lamps were installed, and ruby glass was supplied for the red sector. Various repairs were also made to the dwelling.

1963: The lighthouse is dismantled, and a small light is installed on the original foundation with a 6 second flashing light.

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