Timeline: Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light

(Also known as Craighill Light [Channel named after William Craighill of the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers and member of the Lighthouse Board] and North Point Range Light. Located off
shore, two miles east/southeast of North Point – 07/19/14)

1870 Major dredging and enlarging of channel.

1873 Construction of caisson crib at Havre de Grace begun. Crib bolted to first
course of 30 foot diameter cast-iron cylinder and placed on top of
underwater piles. Additional courses later added. 4th order Fresnel lens
installed on make-shift wooden structure that served as temporary keeper

1874 Cylindrical 42 foot one-story dwelling, consisting of kitchen, sitting room,
two bedrooms and outside cantilevered privy placed on top of caisson.
Watchroom built between first floor and lantern. Second oldest caisson
lighthouse in the US and second oldest sparkplug tower. Located 2.4 miles
south of the rear light. Equipped with two lights – fixed beacon above
gallery deck on south side serves as front range light. 5th order Fresnel lens
in lantern room used for general navigation. Dwelling painted white with
red lantern.

1900 Dwelling & foundation painted red and lantern black.

1926 Keeper Jorgen Johansen rescues four people from the water near station.

1929 Light electrified with installation of generators and storage batteries. 94-watt lamp installed in fixed lens. 150-watt lamp placed in 5th-order lens. Weight-driven fog bell striker replaced by electric blower siren.

1936 Station abandoned briefly (13 days) due to dangerous ice conditions.

1964 Lighthouse automated.

2005 Lighthouse awarded to Historical Place Preservation, Inc. managed by Cathy
Taylor. Group begins restoration. Light remains active aid to navigation.

Sources: Lighthouse Friends web site – http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=416 , Lighting the Bay – Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses by Pat Vojtech and The Lighthouses of the Chesapeake by Robert deGast

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