Thirty-Five Foot Channel Station

LV45_1895_72_dpiLocated on the lower Chesapeake Bay 10.9 miles and 331 degrees from Cape Henry, Virginia. Station was served by LV45 from 1908-1918. The ship was built in 1887 by Houston & Woodbridge of Lynwood, Pennsylvania. It was a sister vessel of LV46 which served at Tail of the Horseshoe seven miles away. LV45 was originally placed on the Winter Quarter station, but in 1908 it was deemed unsuitable for exposed stations and was moved to Thirty-Five Foot Channel. In 1918, while it was being repaired in a shipyard, LV45 caught fire when another burning ship listed against it. It was determined that the damage was too extensive to warrant repairing LV45, so it was replaced on station by a lighted buoy. The station was then discontinued in 1919.

Photo is of LV45 while on station at Winter Quarter. Source plate XXIII of the 1901 Light List.






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