Timeline: Sharkfin Shoal Lighthouse

1887:   The U.S. Lighthouse Board recommends building a screwpile lighthouse on Sharkfin Shoal at a price of $25,000. This light station would take the place of Clay Island lighthouse, which is being washed away due to erosion and needs many expensive repairs.

1889:   Congress appropriates $25,000 to construct the lighthouse at Sharkfin Shoal. Borings are made at the site to determine what type of structure would be best suited.

1890:   Plans and specs are prepared, and proposals are advertised in January for the metalwork. In April, the construction of the wooden superstructure begins at Lazaretto Depot in Baltimore, MD.

1891:   The superstructure is completed and ready for transportation to the site.

1892:   The superstructure and workers are loaded on a barge and towed to the site on June 3. The hexagonal lighthouse is equipped with a fourth-order lens and first exhibited on August 1.

1899:   New model fourth-order lamps are installed, and materials are supplied for repairing the roof, gutters, and downspouts.

1901:   Soundings are made around the lighthouse and various repairs are made.

1915:   Keeper Walter C. Carew is awarded the efficiency gold star.

1918:   Keeper Walter C. Carew rescues two men in a small boat and cares for them at the lighthouse from February 2 until February 8. Keeper Carew is awarded the commissioners’ efficiency star.

1947:   Keeper Charles E. Palmquist is sent to Hooper Strait Lighthouse in the 23-foot station boat to remove Keeper G.F. Cottee. The boat catches on fire and both men are killed.

1964:   The lighthouse is dismantled and an automatic light on a skeletal tower is mounted on the remaining screwpile foundation.


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