Timeline: North Point Range Lights

1819: Congress appropriates $9,000 on March 3, for the construction of two lighthouses on North Point and one on Bodkin Point.

1820: Congress appropriates an additional $6,600 on May 15.

1822: Congress appropriates an additional $6,600.

1822: Two stone masonry lighthouses are built on the northern entrance to the Patapsco River to help guide mariners into the port of Baltimore.

1855: Keeper Elizabeth Riley makes $600/year.

1856: New illuminating apparatus is installed in the lighthouses.

1864: Repairs and renovations are made.

1867: Inspection report notes that both towers leak, as well as the roof on the keepers dwelling and needs to be repaired.

1870: Inspection report notes that the western tower is “no longer of service to navigation, I recommend that the lighting of it be discontinued.

1873: Both lights are decommissioned after the construction of Craighill Channel Range lights. The towers are left to deteriorate.

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