Timeline: Leading Point Lighthouse

1866: Congress appropriates $30,000 on July 28, 1866, to construct two lights to mark Brewerton Channel, on the Patapsco River, Maryland. The front light is to be built on a shoal at Hawkins Point and the rear light is to be built on Leading Point, a total of 1-1/8 mile apart.

1867: On December 16, the government purchases a 100-feet x 400-feet piece of land for the construction of the lighthouse.

1868: Construction of the Leading Point light is completed. It is a brick structure, equipped with one light at an elevation of 40-feet above the ground and 70-feet above the water. It was also equipped with a large black ball day signal mounted on the roof. It was first exhibited on the evening of November 1st.

1885: The well at Leading Point is supplied with a new pump.

1891: In July, brush and trees were removed from a 65-foot wide strip of land extending across Hawkins Point, to open the range for Brewerton Channel.

1893: Two new outbuildings are built, and various repairs are made.

1897: An iron oil house is constructed, and various repairs are made.

1901: Thirty feet of new walkway is installed in front of the dwelling.

1913: The lighthouse is damaged on March 7, when a freighter, Alum Chine, loaded with dynamite explodes and sinks in twelve feet of water not far from Hawkins Point Lighthouse.

1915: On April 16, William Raabe, keeper at the Leading Point Lighthouse, became keepers of both lighthouses and the lights officially became known as the Brewerton Channel Front and Rear Range lights.

1918:  Keeper William Raabe is awarded the inspectors efficiency star.

1924: Electrical power is introduced at Leading Point and a 55-foot tall galvanized skeleton pipe tower is built on the range line in front of the former tower and dwelling. The tower supports two 18-inch locomotive lights placed one above the other. The final cost was approximately $2,400. This eliminated the need for a keeper.

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Updated 5/27/2020

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