Timeline: Janes Island Lighthouse

1850:   Congress appropriates $8,000 for a lightboat to be stationed off the southwest point of Janes Island on September 18.

1852:   John T. Tardy & Phillip Auld are awarded the contract to build the lightship at Janes Island with a low bid of $5,990.

1853:   The lightship is constructed and put into service. The 76-foot long ship has the name painted on each side in black letters on a cream-colored hull, with a fixed light at 30-feet.

1856:   The lightship is repaired and refitted.

1866:   The lightship is reported to be leaking badly and replaced by a relief lightship on December 18. The estimate of repairs is more than the ship is worth and sold at auction for $518.55. It is recommended to construct a screwpile lighthouse.

1867:   The new hexagonal screwpile lighthouse is completed and fitted with a fourth-order Franklin lens exhibiting a fixed white light. It is first exhibited on October 7.

1869:   Two plates of glass are replaced in the lantern to replace existing ones broken by wildfowl.

1879:   The lighthouse is destroyed by ice on January 20. Congress appropriates $25,000 on March 3 for a second lighthouse to be constructed. Plans are made to build a second screwpile lighthouse like the Hooper Strait Lighthouse. The hexagonal lighthouse is completed, and fourth-order light is first exhibited on December 20.

1885:   Minor repairs are made, and two boat hoisters are installed.

1893:   The fog bell is pulled from the support by floating ice and severely damages the station boat and boat hoister in January.

1899:   New model fourth-order lamps are installed

1901:   Soundings are made around the lighthouse and miscellaneous repairs are made.

1917:   The Secretary of Commerce commends Keeper Henry S. Moore, who helped two men in a boat stranded in the ice by taking them to the lighthouse and furnishing them with food and lodging on February 13.

1920:   The red sector in the light is discontinued on February 18.

1928:   Keeper Luther E. Bozman and Assistant Keeper Gordy Parks aid a disabled powerboat near the station.

1935:   Keeper Luther E. Bozman follows the order to abandon the lighthouse due to life-threatening ice conditions. The screwpile lighthouse is destroyed on February 8.

1936:   The lighthouse is replaced by an automatic light & bell constructed on a skeletal tower supported on a caisson base.


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